Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Vera Wang's Princess Perfume | A Review

Gorgeously feminine packaging

After getting my first whiff of the gorgeously packaged Vera Wang Princess eau de toilette during a Christmas sale at House of Frasier when I was around 14 years old and instantly fell in love and was overjoyed to finally receive it as a birthday present a few weeks ago!

Princess has a top note of waterlily and a heart note of pink guava with the base note being a musky chiffon vanilla. It is a largely floral scent with undertones of madarin oranges, apples and chocolate. It's such a playful and enchanting scent that reminds me of spring without being overwhelmingly floral due to the vanilla base. . It would probably be a popular choice amongst women aged between 16 and 24 although of course, older and younger women can wear it as perfumes are all about personal choice !

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Launched in 2006 by Vera Wang and created by Henry Fremont and Illias Ermenidis,for the "modern day princess", it has fast become a popular choice for girls and women. It has appeared in Teen Vogue, InStyle and Beauty Fashion magazine.

The bottle is certainly an enchanting to look at with as it resembles a heart shaped jewel and has an elegant yet romantic feel to it. The fragrance comes as a Eau de Toilette 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles and can be purchased at most large drugstores such as Boots and Superdrugs as well as department stores.

Vera Wang has also now released a further collection of “Princess” perfumes which include Rock Princess (an edgier version of the original), Flower Princess (more floral and soft), Night Princess(slightly fruitier), Glam Princess (a sweet sugary concoction) and Preppy Princess (a fruity yet woodsy scented perfume).

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